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Antoni Clapés

Poet, translator, poetry editor and promoter of numerous projects in the field of literature and visual arts. His poetry has been translated into numerous languages and has been awarded with several prizes such as the Joan Alcover Poetry Prize (1989). He has published more than twenty titles, the latest of which are Clars, aquest matí, són els teus records (LaBreu, 2020) and the volume Riu brogent (AdiA, 2021). He has also carried out an important task as a translator of poetry, narrative and essays, in which his profound knowledge of contemporary Quebecois poetry, among others, stands out. As a translator from French and Italian, his translations of works by Jules Renard, Marguerite Duras, Christian Bobin, Paul Valéry, Jean Cocteau and Pietro Civitareale are particularly outstanding. He has also won numerous translation awards such as the Serra d'Or 2021 Critics' Prize for Tal qual (Adesiara, 2021), the translation of Paul Valéry's Quel tel, and the PEN Translation Prize for El desert malva (Lleonard Muntaner, 2021), by Nicole Brossard.

Antoni Clapés has been for more than thirty years the editor of Café Central, an independent publishing project in the service of poetry.

Update: 2 November 2021


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