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The evolution of the concept of audience V

Interview with the jury of the Cultural Innovation International Prize

The award ceremony for the 2014-2015 Cultural Innovation International Prize was held on June 10 this year. It was the first edition of this biennial competition organised by the CCCB in order to stimulate innovation in the field of culture, and to recognise the importance of research when it comes to exploring new cultural scenarios. The theme chosen for this first edition was “Audience/s”.

The members of the inaugural jury were Marcos García, Director of MediaLab Prado; Nina Simon, Executive Director of the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History; Mark Miller, Convenor of Young People’s Programmes at Tate; Johan Moerman, Director of Rotterdam Festivals; Conxa Rodà, Head of Strategy and Communication at MNAC, and Juan Insua, Director of the CCCBLab.

During their visit to the CCCB to present the award, we interviewed jury members and asked them to share their thoughts on the evolution of the concept of “audience”. For professional reasons they are all in contact with this concept on a daily basis, and they also had to contend with it in order to assess the projects submitted to the Cultural Innovation International Prize.

From different perspectives, each member of the jury reflects on the evolution of the concept of the audience, offers examples that illustrate it, describes the most neglected audience segments, and ventures ideas on how the audiences will continue to evolve in future. 

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10 June 2015