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The Evolution of the Concept of Audience II


On 2 October last year we launched the call for entries for the first Cultural Innovation International Prize, a biennial competition created to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the CCCB. Its aim is to stimulate innovation in culture and to recognise the importance of research as an essential element when it comes to exploring new cultural scenarios.

The topic chosen for this first edition is “Audiences”: a vast concept, but one that can be circumscribed, and that is in constant flux. This variability, coupled with the transversality of the disciplines in which “audiences” play a part, generates a field in which to explore, imagine, and construct new models and scenarios.

At CCCBLab we have decided to investigate how different figures from a wide variety of cultural spheres confront this issue. In the first clip, Laura Borràs, Xavier Carrillo, Hugh Forrest, Gemma Galdón, Alberto Guijarro, Montecarlo, Enric Pons and Carlos A. Scolari explored the development of audiences in recent years, and discussed these changes using relevant examples. In this second instalment, the same group talks about the audiences that tend to be ignored or overlooked, and try to imagine or predict how audiences will evolve in the coming years. Each of them addresses these aspects from his or her own field, outlining a possible, uncertain and vertiginous future, and agreeing on one thing: audiences increasingly want to have a say, and we need new models and channels that meet their needs.

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9 December 2014