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Barcelona, 1965. Storyteller, filmmaker, and transmedia architect. A graduate in Fine Arts (UB) with an MBA in Film and Television (URL). He began his career as an artist drawing for comics. He has worked on 3D animation series, short films and feature films, exercising functions in scriptwriting, storyboards and directing.

He has also collaborated on the production of games and exhibitions. He is a founding member of Química Visual, a company that works in organisational storytelling and the creation of transmedia projects. He is a co-founder of StoryCode BCN and of ADA (Associació pel Desenvolupament de l’Audiovisual).

Today he shares his time between his company, teaching and the organisation of national and international events related wtih the subject (Transmedia Week, Transmedia Living Lab, Gypsy Transmedia, etc.). Simultaneously he is preparing his PhD thesis on narrative structures in audiovisual media.

He is the author of One Day at a Time - a Journey Through Images, El oficio del director: técnicas de realización and co-author of the novel El consejo, una historia sobre el poder del Storytelling.

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