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Serge Latouche

Degrowth as a Way Out of the Crisis

Serge latouche, economist and growth objector, on the solutions to the current crisis that degrowth can bring. Over the years of speculative and financial euphoria, it was quite common to find newspaper headlines proclaiming that the economy was doing well, but people weren't. This was a result of displacements, the abolishment of basic social guarantees, increased precarity and unemployment. Now, it may be possible to turn the headlines around and find that if the economy is doing badly, people's situations may be improving. Perhaps this is an opportunity to develop de-growth initiatives in a spirit of solidarity, working together to ensure that the recession does not end up becoming an antechamber for chaos and ecofascism but rather the start of a new phase that aims for a calm, responsible decrease.

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29 July 2013