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NOW 2009

NOW. March 2009

Meetings in the Present Continuous

Adam Bly, Marcos García, Susan George, Michael John Gorman, Jordi Isern, Theun Karelse, Serge Latouche, Joan Martínez Alier, Jordi Pigem, Ramon Sangüesa, Jill Tarter i Santiago Vilanova.


In the first session, to be held in March 2009, guests including Serge Latouche, Susan George, Joan Martínez Alier and Jordi Pigem will reflect on how people live today: given that the current crisis is not just testing the economy, but also the socioeconomic paradigms of the recent past, it is time to rethink emergent social, economic and scientific models.

Now is also interested in exploring the social implications of new technologies and the relationship between artistic-cultural and scientific development, through a session with representatives from the main European centres that work at the intersection where science meets art. Cultural analysts will be asked to reflect on the future consequences and implications of technological and scientific progress on the configuration of new social networks, and vice versa.

For the International Year of Astrophysics, in collaboration with the Centro de Estudios Espaciales (CEE_CSIC), Now will work with Jordi Isern to develop workshops for teenagers. The idea of this activity is to encourage the use of new networks such as the "Cultural Ring", a tool that allows teenagers all over Catalonia to connect to each other in order to encourage them to learn about our skies and the origin of the universe.

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