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Philip Ball and José Ignacio Latorre

Keys Aspects and Dilemmas of the Quantum Story

Despite this science still being in its infancy, humans are able to understand and manipulate material at the subatomic level and probe the origins and development of the universe. Scientific development provides the basis for introducing a new disruptive technology: quantum computing. The race to develop the first universal quantum computer is a silent battle that is taking place all over the world. Who will build it first? Will it be a country or a company? Can we protect the economy from the arrival of a machine able to decrypt all communications? The scientist and essayist Philip Ball, winner of the Physics World 2018 award, and Jose Ignacio Latorre, one of Spain’s leading quantum physicists, reveal the key aspects and dilemmas of the great quantum story after the screening of That’s the story.

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21 March 2019