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Mark Bray, Jordi Borràs, Helena Castellà Duran and Carles Viñas: "Anti-Fascist"

Stopping fascism is a moral imperative, but how to go about it? Physically confront it in the streets or deny it the oxygen of publicity? “Cordon sanitaire” or legal strategy? Silence or denunciation? We will try to answer these questions with a panel of experts: Mark Bray, historian and author of Antifa. The Antifascist Handbook (2017); Helena Castellà Duran, politologist and advisor at the European Parliament; Carles Viñas, doctor of Contemporary History (Barcelona University UB) and expert in youth trends and radical football supporters, and Jordi Borràs, photojournalist specialising in national far-right movements, in Catalonia and all over Europe.

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10 May 2019