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Carolin Emcke: “We need a language of utopia to accompany our discontent”

Having been refracted through the media so many times, the word violence has accumulated an infinite number of meanings, in the form of images and sounds, and has ended up imploding. Voided inside, it serves only to make noise, propping up simplistic tales that seek sensationalism. Against this media logic, philosopher and journalist Carolin Emcke advocates the need to attend to the complex web of violences that are threaded through our everyday life. And that, she says, involves confirming that violence is also synonymous with silence: Why does it strike us dumb? How can we find the words to fight it? Emcke talked to us during her visit to participate in the CCCB debates series on “The Words We Don’t Yet Have”.

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Participants: Carolin Emcke

3 December 2019