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Jordi Borràs

Illustrator and photojournalist

Jordi Borràs (Barcelona, 1981) is an illustrator by training and a self-taught photojournalist by vocation, and member of the Ramon Barnils Group of Journalists. In the field of photojournalism he specialises in social issues, with particular interest in national far-right movements acting both in Catalonia and across Europe, prompting him to begin working in the written press, too. He currently works as a freelance graphic reporter with various Catalan publications, such as El MónCrític and La Mira, where he is head of photography, and the Basque magazine Argia. Over the years, he has contributed to media such as La DirectaNació Digital, El Temps, AraBerria, RAC1 and the Catalan News Agency. Internationally he has also published in Vice NewsJungle World, The Guardian and journals specialising in the far right, such as the British Hope Not Hate and Swedish magazine Expo. Since 2013 he has been a contributor to the Catalunya Ràdio programme El Matí and, since 2017, to Catalan television station TV3. He has published Warcelona, una història de violència (Pol·len Edicions, 2013), Plus ultra. Una crònica gràfica de l’espanyolisme a Catalunya (Pol·len Edicions, 2015), Desmuntant Societat Civil Catalana (Saldonar, 2015) and Dies que duraran anys (Ara Llibres, 2018).

Update: 3 April 2019


Has participated in

Primera Persona 2019

Autobiographic Live Sessions: Tragicomic Monologues, Pop Music, Theatre and Narrative