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Kosmopolis 15. The Book: from Print to Pixel. The State of Play

Lecture by Javier Celaya (Dosdoce)

When the electronic book came into being, it seemed as though the print version would have to bow out. Recent news items and studies confirm that, for the moment, this won’t happen, but the influence and importance of the print book in the digital society continues to decrease. Is the publishing sector doing everything it should to encourage the demand for e-books or is it pleased about the supposed stagnation in digital sales? Do we really believe that the print book will be more important than e-books in the digital era? What can we do to increase the percentages of e-book readers? How can we enhance the physical experience of discovering and buying books in bookshops by incorporating all kinds of technologies?
Javier Celaya talks in this lecture about all these questions at the 4th edition of Bookcamp Kosmopolis.

Participants: Javier Celaya

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21 March 2015