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Maria Arnal

Singer and composer

One of the best-known performers in contemporary's musical scene, she began to study singing at the Modern Music School of Badalona, and to perform and train with Marc Sempere, prime mover of the Compartir Dóna Gustet collective, as well as with Jasmin Martorell, teacher of opera singing and former student of Montserrat Caballé. As a musician, Maria Arnal bases her work on music of the oral tradition in the Iberian Peninsula with the aim of approaching it from digital culture and from a position of championing life and poetry. She has released three records in a duo with her accompanist the guitarist Marcel Bagés: Remescles, acoples i melismes (EP, 2015),Verbena (EP, 2016), and 45 cerebros y 1 corazón (LP, 2017), the latter of which has received many awards: Best National Disc, Revelation Artist, Best Pop Disc, Best National Song, in the independent music awards, as well as the City of Barcelona Prize, and the RTVE “Ojo Crítico Prize for Revelation Artist. Her most recent artistic project, also with Marcel Bagés, was presented at the Vic Live Music Market and the Sonar+D at the CCCB. This work was the prologue to her last record Clamor, released on 2021.

Update: 4 November 2021



Maria Arnal, María Sánchez, Irene Solà


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