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"Bioscope, a collective animated biography", the film

This film is a collective piece, made by many people who tell us about their dreams and who they are, their memories and how time has passed, and about their different ways of living and viewing life. For the piece, 150 videos were selected from the 472 submitted by children, young people and adults for the CCCB “Bioscope” educational project. Through the “Bioscope” project, participants have had the chance to share their personal or group stories, using animation techniques. 

The film has been put together by filmmaker Pol Mallafré, a piece that sums up the creative work done over months through the “Bioscope” educational project created by the CCCB Mediation Department for the “William Kentridge. That Which Is Not Drawn” exhibition. Original idea and design by Laura Ginés and Pepon Meneses.

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8 March 2021