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Mockudramas (Pol Mallafré)

Born in Terrassa, Philosophy graduate (UAB) Pol Mallafré has more work experience waiting on tables and serving beers than editing videos. He’s lived in Barcelona, Madrid, Dublin and Paris. In recent years he trained as a video editor and joined the team of Playground digital magazine, ending up as coordinator of the “muntadorxs” section. He has directed and written pieces for the Internet, web series, short films and small fringe plays. He recently worked for Mediapro, editing the programme Coolhunters televised on TV3. He defines himself as someone who hates defining himself. He loves contradictions and hates talking about himself in the third person. In recent months he has created a YouTube channel called Mockudramas where he posts videos. No-one watches them on YouTube; everyone watches them on Twitter or Instagram, but he still thinks that the video platform will make him rich. No-one has told him he’s too old to be a YouTuber.


Update: 30 October 2019


Has participated in

Bioscope presents: The Film

Documentary animation film matinée

Memefest 2019

A celebration of digital folklore and humour on the Internet