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Elías Knörr


A translator, writer and poet in Icelandic, Galician, and Spanish, he was born in Galicia and went to live in Iceland when he was twenty years old. He set out on his career as a poet in Icelandic with the pseudonym Elias Knörr, and his first texts, which he published online, were so acclaimed by readers that, by 2010, he was recognised by the Poetry Society of the United Kingdom as one of the Iceland’s poets of reference. The same year, he published his first book in Icelandic (Sjóarinn með morgunhestana undir kjólnum, Stella, 2010). Notable among the titles he has published in Galician are Imaxes na pel, (Morgante, 2008) and Cos peitos desenchufados, (Edicións Barbantesa, 2010), both of which have received numerous awards. Knörr, has given many recitals around the world and has translated the works of several Icelandic authors, including Einar Már Guðmundsson. His latest book is the bilingual collection of poems, El Jardín de Atrás – Bakgarðurinn (Márgenes Arquitectura, 2018).

Update: 30 September 2020


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