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Under Siege

Mariam Ghani & Omer Fast. Installation & conversations

The artists Mariam Ghani and Omer Fast present an installation comprising two audiovisual works related to the siege motive and how it is lived in the actuality. These projections are accompanied by a conversation with the curator Chus Martínez about artistic practice in the context of siege.

Coinciding with the commemoration of the 300th anniversary of the Siege of Barcelona by Bourbon troops in 1714, the CCCB proposes reflection on contemporary aspects of cities under siege. The aim of the activities is to bring the notion of siege into the present-day world, from the ways in which laying siege to cities today continues to be a highly topical reality of war, to the strategies of resistance with which citizens deal with these situations, individually and collectively.

This reflection will take the form of various activities. Firstly, an installation comprising two audiovisual works by the artists Mariam Ghani and Omer Fast, accompanied by a conversation between Mariam Ghani and the curator, Chus Martínez, about artistic practice in the context of siege. Secondly, three debates with journalists and researchers about differential and characteristic aspects of contemporary sieges, which will also include the projection of a documentary. These two different formats offer a complementary multidisciplinary take on the concept of siege, both based on specific cases of recent armed conflicts.

Finally, the TV programme made at the CCCB, «Soy cámara», will offer a summary of reflections made during the various activities.

Curators: Chus Martínez

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Previous activities

Syria. Information under Siege

Debate with Leila Nachawati, Lali Sandiumenge and Marc Marginedas

Drones. Siege at a Distance

Debate with Chris Woods, Tonje Hessen and Jordi Pérez and screening of the documentary «Drone»

Gaza. The Permanent Siege

Ahron Bregman lecture

Working under Siege

Conversation between curator Chus Martínez and artist Mariam Ghani

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