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Under Siege

Syria. Information under Siege

Debate with Leila Nachawati, Lali Sandiumenge and Marc Marginedas


In any siege, information is a very powerful weapon. So is disinformation. One of the most illustrative cases of this is the blockade on information concerning the war in Syria enforced by the different groups involved. The Syrian regime has imposed iron-fisted censorship on local and international media, while jihadist groups which have entered the conflict more recently refuse to let western journalists into the territories they control. In this context of censorship, the Internet and social media have become valuable sources of information, enabling the rest of the world to know the realities of the war from citizens’ perspectives. However, the abundance of images showing the gravity of the conflict has not been enough to stop it.

Participants: Leila Nachawati, Lali Sandiumenge, Marc Marginedas

This activity is part of Under Siege, Under Siege

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Under siege. Síria. Information under siege

Debate with Leila Nachawati, Lali Sandiumenge and Marc Marginedas

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