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Leading Lights of the 20th Century


Leading Lights of the 20th Century. Thomas Edison

Seen by Victor Nubla/Carsten Nicolai and Advanced Music

A civilization capable of remote, cable-free communication, preserving the memory of sound, looking through solid bodies-today, on the threshold of the 21st century, we see Edison's task as one of extraordinary dimensions.

Nor can we forget that Edison's machines play a very important role in the world of art. This is quite evident in the case of music, but the resulting cultural transformation covers fields that are not strictly musical. We could even say that as regards the world of sound, we have on our hands the most prodigious deaf person since Beethoven...

Ever since it became possible to store and reproduce sound without recourse to its original source, sound has been constantly propagated. All over the world, at all times of day, there are people listening to what others have said at another moment or music that others have played in another place.

Given the ineffability of sound and its inevitable polysemy, the installation presented here aims to suggest that once recorded, sound can be endlessly recontextualised, reordered by the listener. It can be found places where we least expect it, used as a poetic interpretation of the paradoxes inherent in the world that has succeeded the "Edison galaxy", as indisputable as it is unmetaphorical.

Curators: Victor Nubla, Carsten Nicolai, Advanced Music

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