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Leading Lights of the 20th Century


Leading Lights of the 20th Century. Albert Einstein

Seen by Luis Navarro Veguillas and Peret

Einstein coined the term cosmic religion to refer to his spiritual feelings. These feelings do not lead to an anthropomorphic conception of God; they are seen as an inner force that strives irresistibly to capture the pre-established harmony that Nature offers us. This attitude is not derived from reason or will: it comes from the heart-as in the case of a religious believer or a lover-and represents a stronger, nobler motivation for scientific research.

How can one individual communicate this sensation to another? For Einstein, the most important function of art and science was to awaken this cosmic religious sentiment and keep it alive in those who are receptive.

The purpose here is not to give one account more of the life, work and influence of Einstein. The risk we take tends in another direction, in keeping with the aims of the cycle, Leading Lights of the 20th Century, and also with the ideas of our featured figure: to use a visual formal solution to try and awaken-at the very least-curiosity about some aspect of this leading light.

Our view of this figure leads us to think that Einstein would have agreed with the aims of the installation. We would not presume, however, to predict his opinion of the production.


"ANOTHER EINSTEIN" - Guided visits to the installation and the figure of Einstein:
at 7 p.m. (Free admission)

10 March
Lluís Navarro Veguillas

15 March
Antoni Lloret

22 March
Josep Llosa

29 March
Jorge Wagensberg

Curators: Luis Navarro Veguillas, Peret

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