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After the news. Postmedia documentaries

In this project, events that have been news (the case of the Prestige, the sinking of the submarine Kursk, the conflict between Israel and Palestine, violence in borderlands, for example) distance themselves from the drama with which the mass media imbue them.

The exhibitors range from well-known documentary makers such as Peter Forgács and The Labyrinth Project, Chantal Akerman, Alan Berliner, Johan van der Keuken and Joaquin Jordá, to young artists who have adopted the documentary register as an extension of their aesthetic practices, such as Asier Mendizábal and Iñaki Garmendía, Ursula Biemann and Angela Sanders, Vahida Ramujkic and Laia Sadurní. Photography is represented by Hannah Collins, Allan Sekula and Bruno Serralongue, as is work that is more journalistic in origin, with Stanley Greene and Patrice Barrat. Since After the News examines the definition of documentary practice, it also includes the testimony of the writer G. W. Sebald, whose novels stand out for their productive ambiguity between fiction and documentary.

Curators: Carles Guerra

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After the news. Postmedia documentaries

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