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Zeppelin 2017: Concrete sounds

Electroacoustic Music and Sound Art Festival

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International Festival of Electroacoustic Music and Sound Art, with sound projection by an orchestra of loudspeakers, that in this edition pays tribute to one of the fathers of "concrete music", Pierre Henry (1927-2017).

Six concerts in which the protagonist is the sound considered in all its sensitive dimensions, whether or not repertorized, and not as carrier of a message or revealing a causal agent. The embodied sound, physical, like the painting of the artist, and not as an abstraction in mind's composer. With works by composers from all over the world, presentation of a selection of the pieces received on the occasion of the 2017 Open Call, and projection of Pierre Henry's masterpiece "Apocalypse de Jean" .


November 3 

19.00 - Concert #1
Curated by Lina Bautista. Pieces by Mauricio Bejarano, Alexandra CárdenasFrancesc Llompart Pons and Julio César Palacio.

20.00 - Concert #2
Curated by Medín Peirón. Works by Armando BaliceSophie DelafontaineJonathan OberlanderMaylis Raynal and Ayako Sato.

21.00 - Concert #3
Curated by José Manuel Berenguer. Works by Clarence BarlowGonzalo BiffarellaPierre Boeswillwald and Barry Truax.


November 4

19.00 - Concert #4
Selected pieces from Open Call

20.00 - Concert #5
Apocalypse de Jean (I). Pierre Henry

21.00 - Concert #6
Apocalypse de Jean (II). Pierre Henry

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