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William Kentridge

«William Kentridge» & «Bioscope» for teachers

Visit to the exhibition and presentation of the documentary animation film workshop


Training day for teachers to detect the educational opportunities of these two projects: the exhibition of the South African artist William Kentridge and the documentary animation film workshop Bioscope.

17.30 | Guided visit for teachers to «William Kentridge. That Which is not Drawn »by Jordi Costa (head of exhibitions at the CCCB)

Accompanied by Jordi Costa, we meet this artist, recognized throughout the world for his drawings, films, theater and opera productions. Based on his works, we will talk about postcolonialism, inequality and discrimination, the political commitment of artists, whether memory and reality can be explained from artistic languages. We will see how the peculiar technique used in these works, of overwhelming political force, emphasizes the trace left by the process of incessant transformation of the drawings that make up each piece, which evokes the fluidity and freedom of an interior monologue, but also the internal tensions of a territory that cannot completely erase the traumatic stains of its past.

18.30 | Presentation of the project "Bioscope", on documentary animation cinema, by Laura Ginès and Pepon Meneses (animation directors and curators of Bioscope)

A proposal to give people a voice, a tool to create small identity stories from the language of animation and to be able to be part of a collective film that will become the biography of a site.

Participants: Pepon Meneses, Laura Ginès, Jordi Costa

This activity is part of William Kentridge

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