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Alicia Kopf

A visual writer and artist, she won the Documenta 2015 and Llibreter 2016 awards for her first novel, "Brother in Ice".

Alicia Kopf holds degrees in the Fine Arts and in Literary Theory and Comparative Literature. Her first novel, Brother in Ice (And Other Stories, 2018), reaped the Documenta 2015, Llibreter 2016, Ojo Crítico 2016 and Cálamo “Otra Mirada 2016” awards, and has been translated into seven languages.

In her facet as a visual artist, she has presented the individual exhibition Seal Sounds Under the Floor (2013) at the Galeria Joan Prats in Barcelona (GAC/DKV Award) and she has participated in different exhibitions such as Pis(o) pilot(o) (CCCB, 2015) and Nonument (Capella dels Àngels, MACBA, 2014).

She is currently collaborating with BAU and is working on her second novel.


Update: 14 September 2018


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