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Graphic Constellation

The Pieces Speak

A different look at the exhibition "Graphic Constellation"


Four students on the master’s degree in Cultural Heritage Management and Museology at the UB share their personal interpretations of a selection of pieces, exchanging opinions and experiences with visitors.

"The Pieces Speak" is designed to create connections between exhibitions and public, leaving behind the traditional dynamic in which the visitor looks at the pieces and reads the informative texts. Here, conversely, during the doors-open afternoon visit to the exhibition, students on the master’s degree in Museology and Heritage at the University of Barcelona will be sharing with everyone who is interested their personal opinions and interpretations of the pieces they consider of greatest interest, creating a space for dialogue and reflection. The idea arose at the Louvre in Paris in response to the disconnect between museums and the public, with the aim of abandoning the idea of visiting an exhibition as a purely contemplative activity. The CCCB is sharing this idea and exploring new ways of understanding the concept of exhibition, involving not just professionals but also students in its development.

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