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The Influencers

The Influencers 2013

Unconventional Art, Guerrilla Communication, Radical Entertainment

Courses and workshops + Festivals


An anomalous, intense, impassioned festival that explores a little-known territory that exists between art, communication technologies and the dynamics of the collective imagination. At the heart of Influencers we find bold projects that break with the normality of urban space, open breaches in life on the social networks and remove the toxins from genetically modified information.

With presentations, screenings and actions in public space.


Tursday, 7th November

7pm Opening with Japanese collective Chim↑Pom

Friday, 8th November

2pm Artistic intervention in the public space: Dead Drops

7pm Lectures: Sam3, The Troll Face and Paolo Cirio

Saturday, 9th November

10am Artistic intervention in the public space: Streetghosts

5:30pm Film projection: My name is Janes Janša (V.O.S.E.)

7pm Lectures: Aram Bartholl, Tellervo Kalleinen, John Law


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