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This 1 October sees phase one of "Global Screen", a project based on the book of the same name by Gilles Lipovetsky and Jean Serroy. "Global Screen" is a co-production of the CCCB (Barcelona) and San Telmo Museoa (San Sebastián).

The project is a co-creation experiment comprising an exhibition, co-curated by Lipovetsky and Serroy, jointly with Andrés Hispano, that will take place at the CCCB from 24 January to 27 May 2012 and a virtual platform that will run before, during and after the physical exhibition. 

This project sets out to reflect on the way the power of the screen has made its way into all of our everyday spaces: film, television, computers, smart phones, tablet devices, surveillance screens, etc. All these screens are here to stay, and their unprecedented power is so great that it affects every sector: private, social, cultural, artistic, scientific and political.

The "Global Screen" virtual platform opens up a window to participation by the public and raises the visibility of the phases of the physical exhibition that usually remain hidden. Thus it is divided into three phases:


This phase was opened to the public on 1 October with the intention of making the gestation processes of an exhibition more visible and, above all, to collect material for the counterpoint. Thus, in this virtual platform section, the different videos from the contributors can be found and sent on to form part of the counterpoint. There is also a blog containing reflections that emerged based on the work involved in organising the exhibition.


Together with the inauguration of the physical exhibition at the CCCB, on 24 January, the "Global Screen" virtual exhibition was also opened. This digital version, without straying from the theses of the curators, is not limited to a simple transposing of the physical staging of the exhibition, but makes use of the language typical of virtual worlds. Thus, a virtual visit is proposed through a landscape where users can move, play and discover for themselves the thematic sections that make up the exhibition.


Coinciding with the inauguration of the "Global Screen" exhibition at San Telmo Museoa in San Sebastián, the third phase of the virtual platform is launched. This is a collaborative archive on the changes that are affecting the audiovisual medium. A space for reflection and creation around the mutations affecting the transmedia galaxy in the 21st century, where users can collaborate by contributing new contents or by taking part in the debate.

Participants: Gilles Lipovetsky, Jean Serroy, Andrés Hispano

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