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"The Global Screen" virtual platform

Global Screen: Create, publish and exhibit your vision


“Even though the screen has over a century of history, during the 20th century it has constantly grown in terms of importance, prestige and power, moving from cinema to television and now from television to the web” Gilles Lipovetsky, co-curator of the Global Screen exhibition.

Report "Global Screen"

Global Screen is an exhibition that reflects on the power of the screen and the images that are displayed. With a lot of different audiovisuals and structured in several subjects, the exhibition highlights that "visual" has no limits. And that the strong attraction existing for the moving image ...

Global Screen. Surveillance Screen

The surveillance screen is everywhere and has even infiltrated our private lives. We exist, even before being born, on the ultrasound screen. Then, a whole battery of cameras follows us, throughout our daily lives: nothing gets by the surveillance screen.