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Benjamín Recacha

Benjamín Recacha (Badalona, 1974) studied Journalism (UAB). He has worked for two decades in radio, television, the written press and institutional communication.

In 2012 he struck out on a new path in literature, with his first novel, El viaje de Pau, which he self-edited and self-published. Memorias de Lázaro Hunter, a graphic novel set in the Far West, illustrated by Fran Recacha, was his next project, soon to be published, as is his second novel, Con la vida a cuestas.

Since January 2013 he has been writing a blog, la recacha, which he uses to disseminate his work and as a channel of expression for his personal opinions.

Update: 20 February 2015

Has participated in

The Dilemmas of Self-publishing. To Publish or To Be Published?

Benjamín Recacha, Daniel Jerez Torns, Julián Bueno Ardila (Llibres a mida), Carles Pujol (Editorial Alrevés). Moderator: Mariana Eguaras (Mariana Eguaras Consultoría Editorial)