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Family Programme

The cardboard orchestra

Workshop with Mònica Rikić


Collective creation workshop for Children of a sound sculpture, where participants will be able to create one of the modules, combining cardboard with small low-voltage electronic circuits, and they will learn basic concepts of electronics with motors, vibrators and other components, at the same time that they will experiment with sound as a creative tool.

This workshop by Mónica Rikić is part of Atenea's 2020 'Programa Mentoras' based on the transmission of STEM knowledge to children and adolescents through contemporary digital and electronic artistic practices by national and international female artists. Specially focused on girls and young people, 'Programa Mentoras' aims to promote the image of professional women in technology and creative science, transmitting values ​​of equity and diversity, as well as promoting interdisciplinarity and the fusion of the arts with science and technology.

With the collaboration of the Spanish Foundation for science and technology (FECYT) - Ministry of Science and Innovation


This activity is part of Family Programme

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