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Mónica Rikić

Electronic artist and creative programmer.

Her practice focuses on creative code and electronics, combining them with non-digital objects to create interactive projects often framed as experimental games and robotic installations. She is interested in the social impact of technology. From educational approaches to sociological experimentation, her projects propose new ways of interacting with the digital environment around us.

She has taken part in international festivals such as Ars Electronica in Linz, Creative Tech Week in New York, Robotronica in Australia and FILE in Brazil, and has shown at national institutions such as CaixaForum, CCCB, Arts Santa Mónica, Cosmocaixa, Medialab-Prado and Etopía. She was awarded the Premi Nacional de Cultura de Catalunya 2021, as well as prizes at the Japan Media Arts Festival, A MAZE Berlin and the Margaret Guthman Musical Instrument Competition (Atlanta), and the Leonardo scholarship for Researchers and Cultural Creators (Fundación BBVA, 2018). Her artist residencies include TAG in Montreal, QUT in Australia, Platohedro in Medellín, Medialab-Prado in Madrid and Etopia in Saragossa. One of her pieces was recently incorporated into the .BEEP electronic art {collection;}.

Update: 29 September 2021

Has participated in

Installation: “Eutopic Universe”

Visits to the virtual reality environment created by a group of young people

Universo Eutópico

Collective creation of a virtual reality environment

The cardboard orchestra

Workshop with Mònica Rikić