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Ricard Martínez

Josep Comas i Solà and his studies on Mars

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Session dedicated to the scientific research that the Catalan astronomer Josep Comas i Solà did at the beginning of the 20th century. We will delve into his observation methods, as well as his contribution to knowledge about Mars.

In his early youth works Comas i Solà defended the thesis of the American Percival Lowell of a Mars full of artificial channels built by intelligent life forms. Later, and thanks to his observations, he was against these ideas and was considered internationally as one of the first astronomers to contribute scientific knowledge that would dismantle Lowell's theory.

The exhibition “Mars. The Red Mirror” collects work material from this remarkable astronomer, the first director of the Fabra Observatory, who dedicated his entire life to the study and scientific dissemination of the Solar System.

Participants: Ricard Martínez

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