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Ramón y Cajal: When Art Becomes Science

Salvador Macip and Cristina Nombela


On the occasion of the exhibition "Brain(s)", the CCCB and the Institut d'Humanitats de Barcelona pay homage to Santiago Ramon y Cajal, a key figure in the history of neuroscience.

An artist, photographer, bodybuilder, researcher, chess player, writer, father of seven children, and founder of neuroscience, Ramón i Cajal led a life that was as extraordinary as his professional career. In this session, with drawings and texts by Ramón i Cajal as a backdrop, the scientists Salvador Macip and Cristina Nombela will offer an account of the life of this neurologist and discuss his multifaceted personality. Together with his pioneering observations concerning the nervous system, we also highlight his key role in the founding of the Spanish Neurological School, which developed and expanded his discoveries, to which such scientists as Laura Forster and Manuela Serra also contributed.

Reading of texts by Ramón y Cajal by Àngels Bassas.

This session inaugurates the course "Maps of the Brain: The Legacy of Ramón y Cajal", which is offered by the Institut d'Humanitats de Barcelona.

Moderators: Cristina Sáez

Participants: Salvador Macip, Cristina Nombela,

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