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Óscar Marín

Telecommunications Engineer, has been working and researching since 2001 in the area that we now call “Big Data”. Data Engineer at Outliers. A specialist in the analysis of text, social networks, urban data and data visualisation. Founder of the collective Outliers, which encourages the application of the value of data in all fields (Science, Journalism, Urban Planning, Sociology, Marketing, etc.). Member of DatAnalysis15m. He teaches courses on data analysis and visualisation at universities, companies and institutions (UOC, UAB, Telenoika Audiovisual Community, Telefónica Digital).


Update: 28 April 2014


Has participated in

Quantum Hackathon

Collaborative meeting, development and presentation of projects produced by visualising and sonifying the quantum universe

Privacy Dilemmas and the Future of the Internet

Presentation of two new units of the educational briefcase

Data Jam with Telenoika and Outliers

Monthly meeting about data experimentation

Data Journalism. Work session (II)

How to visualise social movements

I Data Journalism and Open Data Conference

When Data Tell Stories