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Quantum: A Debate with Scientists and Artists

Inaugural debate of “Quantum”



Inaugural debate of “Quantum” exhibition with the participation of Mónica Bello, curator and director of Arts at CERN; José Ignacio Latorre, scientific adviser to the exhibition; and the artists Juan Cortés, Suzanne Treister and Yunchul Kim.

The exhibition “Quantum”, a coproduction which is Europe-wide in scope, has its beginnings in the Arts programme a CERN which aims to make known to the general public by means of artistic creation the research that is being done with the particle accelerator. The exhibition also presents a scientific route so that the public can explore the elemental reality described by quantum physics—a reality that is present in the world but hidden from human senses—and the technology deriving from it.

This panel discussion with the curators and some of the artists present in the exhibition will reveal how this dialogue came about, and the ways in which artistic expression and scientific knowledge complement each other when constructing discourse about reality on the sub atomic scale.

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