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Yunchul Kim

An artist and electroacoustic composer Yunchil Kim has examined, in his most recent work, the artistic potential of fluid dynamics, metamaterials like photonic crystals and, in particular, magnetohydrodynamics: the study of the dynamics of fluids and behaviour of electrically conducting fluids in the presence of electric and magnetic fields. His work has been exhibited in the galleries of several countries and he has been awarded numerous prizes, among them VIDA 15.0 as well as receiving grants from prestigious institutions like the Ernst Schering Foundation. In the academic realm, he combines artistic creation with university research in Mattereality, a Transdisciplinary Research Programme of the Korea Institute for Advanced Study. He is also a member of the art and science project group Fluid Skies, as well as Liquid Things at the Art and Science Department of the University of Applied Arts Vienna, Austria. In 2016 he was awarded the CERN Collide International Award and, since then, has been working on an occasional basis with the CERN arts and science programme, Arts at CERN.

Update: 25 March 2019


Has participated in

Quantum: A Debate with Scientists and Artists

Inaugural debate of “Quantum”