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Primavera Pro 2023

Professional profile activities and free and open-access activities

Festivals + Music

In addition to the professional profile activities, Primavera Pro offers a range of free and open-access activities for the general public.

This edition addresses the major changes that have occurred in the creation, industry, and social relations surrounding music consumption.

Artificial intelligence, digital platforms, forging a music career, codes of conduct, creating safe spaces, mental health and wellbeing for artists, musical web 3.0, music as a catalyst and community builder are some of the topics covered in this year's program.

Check out the full programme and speakers.

Free concerts at Pati de les Dones

As in previous editions, live music is once again one of the highlights of Primavera Pro, with a lineup of concerts open to the public at Pati de les Dones. The latest musical trends will be heard during three days.

Wednesday, 31th may

12.00 Vale Castillo
12.50 elmalamia
13.40 Lux Raptor
14.30 Ibiza Pareo
15.20 Dagger Moth
16.10 Guatemala
17.00 European Vampire
17.50 Will Swinton
19.00 Galgo Lento
20.00 Ven'nus
21.00 Las Bajas Pasiones

Thursday, 1st june

12.00 Jeorge II
12.50 Bricknasty
13.40 Negro Impacto
14.30 Last Apollo
15.20 Pixie Cut Rhythm Orchestra
16.10 ATZUR
17.00 Farce
17.50 Diphda

Friday, 2nd june

12.00 xxtilldawn
12.50 gwenji
13.40 minor
14.30 Lilium
15.20 Chunyan
16.10 DEM MOB
17.00 HEAL
17.50 julia amor

Free activities

In addition to the live music at Pati de les Dones, CCCB will host six activities from the professional days that are open to the public, with limited capacity (and will be broadcasted via streaming with simultaneous translation).

Wednesday, 31th may. Auditori CCCB

17.00 From bakalao to mákina: How do you compose a soundtrack about La Ruta del Bakalao?
With: Claraguilar and Álex de Lucas

18.45 Music as a tool of resistance: a conversation between Villano Antillano, Lucía Egaña and Judy Cantor Navas
With: Villano Antillano, Lucía Egaña and Judy Cantor Navas

Thursday, 1st june. Auditori CCCB

16.00 Insumises: flamenco, a black memory
With: Yinka Esi Greus, Núria Domènech and Rahmata Dem Nije 

18.00 All roads lead to sparks: an analysis of pop music of the last 50 years
With: Sparks 

Friday, 2nd june, The Mirador CCCB

15.00 Drill Fury: the cry of a community and music as a channel of protest
With: Yolanda Antin Africa Rosales Vigo, LABLACKIE and Madjody.

Friday, 2nd june, Auditori CCCB

17.00 Reality puts on the pressure and hip hop responds: a dialogue between Trueno and Frank T about music as a political tool
With: Trueno and Frank T

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