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Núria Sebastián and Helena Matute

Great questions about the brain and mind


Núria Sebastián, director of the Speech Acquisition and Perception research group at UPF, talks about the specific features of human language and Helena Matute, Director of the Laboratory of Experimental Psychology at the University of Deusto, talks about the cognitive biases of artificial intelligence.


Núria Sebastián | Does language make us human?

Even though some animals can learn words and some species can communicate in quite complex ways, no other animal can develop what we understand as language. This differential fact has been crucial in the evolution of humans. In this session, Núria Sebastián will talk about how language acquisition distinguishes us from other species, a trait that children establish from their first year of life. Is language what makes us human? How does this process develop in the brain?  

19.00 - 20.00

Helena Matute | The biases of artificial intelligence

It is often said that artificial intelligence will save us from many of the problems we as humans generate, since it supposedly makes fewer mistakes and is more neutral and objective. But an increasing number of studies show that artificial intelligence also makes mistakes and is subject to biases similar to those shown by humans. How do artificial intelligence and natural intelligence differ, and what relationship can we expect to see between them in the coming decades?

Both sessions will be presented by Jordi Camí, professor at Pompeu Fabra University and director of the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park.

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Great questions about the brain and mind

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