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Helena Matute

PhD in Psychology from the University of Deusto, where she is Professor of Experimental Psychology and Director of the Experimental Psychology Laboratory. She has been a visiting researcher at several universities around the world, such as Gant University in Belgium, Sydney and Queensland Universities in Australia, and Minnesota University in the United States. Her research group investigates cognitive biases, causal illusions, pseudosciences, superstitions and psychology of new technologies. Her recent publications deal with fables related to health internet searches, subjective interpretations of symptoms, beliefs of ineffective treatments and causality biases. She is the author of more than eighty research articles in scientific journals, has supervised twelve doctoral theses and has written several popular science books including Psicología de las nuevas tecnologías (2012) and Nuestra mente nos engaña (Shackleton Books, 2019). Advisory member of the scientific council of FECYT, Matute is the president of the Spanish Society of Experimental Psychology and a full member of the Jakiunde - Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters of the Basque Country. She is the winner of the Prisma Award and the DIPC - Jot Down award for scientific dissemination.

Update: 6 July 2022


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Núria Sebastián and Helena Matute

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