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Great questions about the brain and mind

Despite the efforts of neuroscience in the last few years, there are still open questions about what the mind is and how the brain works, about what makes us human and what differentiates us from other species. This series brings together neuroscientists, psychologists and philosophers in order to provide updated answers to the following fundamental questions: how human language is acquired, how the perception of reality and decision making work, what does it mean that the brain is a large organ or what are the new developments in artificial intelligence. What have been the most important discoveries of current neuroscience? Will we ever know how far the boundaries of the mind reach?

As part of the «Brains(s)» exhibition, this series, curated by Jordi Camí, professor at Pompeu Fabra University and director of the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park, offers a plural look at the latest developments in neuroscience.

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