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Biennial of Thought 2022

Melange Music

Concert by Julieta Laso and Elbi Olalla



The singer and actress Julieta Laso performs tango classics and tracks from her last two discs accompanied by the pianist Elbi Olalla. 

The singer and actress Julieta Laso, one of the best-known tango singers in Argentina, and star of the film North Terminal by the Salta-born director Lucrecia Martel, will close the second day of the Thinking Biennale with a concert in which she is accompanied by the pianist Elbi Olalla who, born in Mendoza and now resident in Barcelona, promotes tango in the city. In this concert of voice and piano, Julieta Laso will perform songs from her last two discs, "La Caldera" and “Cabeza Negra” as well as several classics and tangos in Lunfardo.

Participants: Julieta Laso, Elbi Olalla

This activity is part of Biennial of Thought 2022, Biennial of Thought

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