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Elbi Olalla

Pianist and composer.

Elbi Olalla is a pianist, composer and arranger, born and raised in Mendoza (Argentina) and recognized as one of the pioneers of what is called the Tango Siglo XXI. In 2001 she founded Altertango, a musical group with which she has recorded seven albums and which has contributed to making tango travel, with its particular style and printing, to different parts of Europe and Latin America. Altertango is an indisputable reference of contemporary tango, which combines its origins from Mendoza, the musical flow of its members, the atmosphere of creative freedom and daring, the energy of performances, the obsession with sound power, with the unconditional love for the genre and a determined militancy in the frame of the tango of the XXI century. In Mendoza, Elbi Olalla coordinated the work of Microtango, a group of young tango artists, and from 2014 to 2017, she directed the Mercalli Seismic Orchestra. She has recorded albums with such artists as Alejandro Guyot, Acorazado Potemkin and Jerónimo Flores.

Since 2019 she has been living in Barcelona, where she has founded a centre for piano studies, the Barcelona Piano Estudio and integrated duets with local singers and prepares his eighth album with Altertango with a scholarship from the National Fund of the Arts of Argentina. Lately, she has collaborated on several projects along with Argentine musics such as Josefina Rossenwaser, with whom she shared the cycle Tango in Arrabal, or the also native of Mendoza, Sandra Reyes, with whom she has created "Proyecto Tango".

Update: 1 August 2022

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Melange Music

Concert by Julieta Laso and Elbi Olalla