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La lluna en un cove

Laboratory of fantasy, creativity and imagination for families


Using dance, ephemeral sculpture, visual poetry and literature, we’ll be asking questions about the plasticity of our minds and developing creative strategies to activate the imagination and develop sensibility. With Artefactum.

"La lluna en un cove" ('The moon on a string') offers a multidisciplinary environment to promote divergent thinking by means of creative games that explore the material, visual, plastic and kinetic qualities of objects to induce sensory and symbolic experiences. 

At the choreography station we’ll explore aspects related to movement and the theatricality of objects by creating choreographic scenes and compositions that involve our bodies in a global, cooperative way. At the visual arts station we’ll be playing with the expressive possibilities of objects by means of ephemeral sculpture and visual poetry. And at the literary station we’ll create stories based on object association games that stimulate fantastic thinking and the creation of collective narratives.

  • Sunday 23 October. 11:00. Choreography station and visual arts station
  • Saturday 29 October. 17:00. Choreography station and visual arts station
  • Saturday 5 November. 17:00. Ephemeral sculpture station and literary station
  • Sunday 13 November. 11:00. Ephemeral sculpture station and literary station


A project of:  Artefactum
Facilitators: Esther Blázquez (Artefactum) and Sigrid Kollmannsperger

Participants: Artefactum

This activity is part of Brain(s), "Brain(s)" for all the family

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