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Artefactum is a duo made up of Esther Blázquez and David Pérez that moves between the arts, pedagogy and critic thinking. Its proposals present artistic situations that question the cultural, social and educational present to foster multiple, across-the-board learning and creation processes.


Many of its projects address art as a way to bring together learning communities using strategies based on mediation, experimental pedagogy and contemporary creation methodologies. Since 2013 it has developed projects of mediation and collaborative creation with various communities, such as “La utopía paralela” (Espacios Revelados Lima, 2022), “Zones de contacte” (El Graner, 2019-21), “Im_mediacions” (Pla de Barris de la Marina, 2021), “Espectadors en residencia” (El Graner, 2019-21), “Escola d’indagació” (Cefire, 2019), “Aparador(s): una exposició d’espais” (Museu Abelló, 2017-18) and “[Mu]Danses” (La Casa Encendida, 2013). It has also organized numerous workshops aimed at bringing artistic languages closer to other contexts.

Update: 30 March 2022

Has participated in

La lluna en un cove

Laboratory of fantasy, creativity and imagination for families

Culturnautes 2022

The CCCB’s summer camp