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Feminist Performances and Actions


Feminist performances



Day dedicated to feminist performance, curated by the art historian Assumpta Bassas Vila. The programme features contributions from Marina Barsy Janer x Isil Sol VilDenys BlackerMaria Gimeno and Mar Serinyà Gou.

Programme of four feminist performances that go beyond the tropes to explore different takes on the realities of women's lives, aspects which are often neglected in the usual performative codes. These dynamic poetics reveal synchronic experiences of the female body with its own corporeal materiality, contingent and infinite, or link up with a story that wants to emerge, or with the decoded relations between models and otherness. And they do so by listening to the physical space, to the precise historical and geological time, forging emotional connections with the irreducible beat of social and planetary life.

Assumpta Bassas Vila, curator of "Irreducible"

Portales Otros

Marina Barsy Janer (San Juan, Puerto Rico, 1988) x Isil Sol Vil (Igualada, 1982)
12.30 h / 45 min / Pati de les Dones

Marina Barsy Janer x Isil Portales Otros

Marina Barsy Janer x Isil Sol Vil. Portales Otros (Photo by Miquel Taverna)


Mar Serinyà Gou (Torroella de Montgrí, 1986)
16.30 h / 50 min / Pati de les Dones

Mar Serinyà Gou (Photo by Miquel Taverna)

Mar Serinyà Gou, Espaiar (Photo by Miquel Taverna)

Rem en punta

Denys Blacker (Londres, 1961)
17.20 h / 50 min / Pati de les Dones

Denys Blacker Rem en punta (Foto: Miquel Taverna)

Denys Blacker, Rem en punta (Photo by Miquel Taverna)

Queridas viejas

Maria Gimeno (Zamora, 1970)
19.00 h / 120 min / Auditori CCCB

Maria Gimeno Queridas Viejas

Maria Gimeno, Queridas Viejas (Photo by Miquel Taverna)


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