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Interview with Davide Toffolo

Davide Toffolo talks about him as an author of graphic novels and thinks about the future of culture and his ideal cultural lab.

To coincide with the exhibition Pasolini Roma, on 2 july, the CCCB presented a special I+C+i session, Pasolini at the Lab, to explore how this Italian artist incorporated the concept of experimentation in his work. The session included a comic workshop with Davide Toffolo and a discussion around the artist and his work.

Toffolo’s Pasolini presents a poetic approach to the filmmaker as a human being and an intellectual figure. In this work, a character representing the author travels through the landscape of today’s Italy along with a mythomaniac who thinks he is Pier Paolo, and unearths the storyboard of La terra vista dalla luna in order to re-draw it. The Italian “fumettista” develops the themes of this graphic novel beyond the limits of the printed page in the performance Pasolini, l’encontro, an animated concert with the rock group Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti.

Participants: Davide Toffolo

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9 July 2013