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I+C+i // Pasolini at the Lab

Interview with Davide Toffolo

Davide Toffolo talks about him as an author of graphic novels and thinks about the future of culture and his ideal cultural lab. To coincide with the exhibition Pasolini Roma, on 2 july, the CCCB presented a special I+C+i session, Pasolini at the Lab, to explore how ...

The Comics of Pier Paolo Pasolini

Breixo Harguindey

“I’m not one of those intellectuals who read comics,” wrote Pasolini just two years before the publication of Umberto Eco’s Apocalyptic and Integrated in 1965, which made comic strips culturally respectable around the world. In this sense, the Italian filmmaker was [...]

Artists in the laboratory

Clara Bofill

Although we usually remember Pier Paolo Pasolini for his filmography, by the time his first film, Accattone, was released in 1961, he had already published numerous poems [...]