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After the End of the World

Green Roofs: Key Elements for Achieving a Greener and More Sustainable City

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At this talk, representatives from Barcelona City Council and from companies working around the benefits of green roofs will talk to us about how, by increasing the green on the roof terraces in the city, we can improve the health and quality of life of its citizens. In addition, this becomes a central element to transform the public space with a strong impact on the cityscape.

Barcelona is a city of rooftops, but, increasingly, these spaces have become under-utilised zones. With the creation of green roofs, they can be converted into new scenarios for citizens, with benefits for the building’s owners or users and for the entire city.

Through the different talks, you will be able to find out what a green roof is, what benefits – economic, social and environmental – it offers, and how Barcelona City Council is promoting the creation of new green roofs in the city.

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