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Turkey, at the margins of Europe

Erosion of Freedoms and Struggles of Women

Lecture by Elif Shafak


In Turkey, democratic values are undergoing critical moments. What will this situation imply for women? Lecture by Elif Shafak, writer, author of Three Daughters of Eve (Penguin, 2016).

From both historic and geopolitical points of view, Turkey occupies a special place in the Islamic world. Although it is a complex country with a rich history, it seems to have lapsed into collective amnesia today. For a long time it was seen as being able to combine western democracy with oriental traditions but this optimism has now vanished and the country is undergoing political, social and cultural upheavals which are pushing its fragile democratic system into increasingly rapid deterioration. What will the present situation mean for Turkish women of all backgrounds?

The writer Elif Shafak is about to publish Las tres pasiones (The Three Passions, Lumen, 2016) and is also the author of such well-known works as El arquitecto del universo (Lumen, 2015—published in English as The Architect’s Apprentice), El fruto del honor (Lumen, 2012—published in English as Honour), and La bastarda d’Istanbul (Ara llibres, 2007 / Lumen, 2009—published in English as The Bastard of Istanbul), inter alia.

Presented by: Carme Colomina, journalist.

Presenters: Carme Colomina

Participants: Elif Shafak

This activity is part of Turkey, at the margins of Europe

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