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Improper Sessions

Dominations and Denominations

With Daniel Gasol and Marikarmen Free

Courses and workshops

Conceived as an in-between of a conversation and a workshop, this session will discuss new queer identities, labels, order and the construction of alterity.

There is no classification system or taxonomy able to capture the diversity of subjectivities related to gender and sexuality. In recent years, efforts to increase representativity exploited the LGBT acronym―which had conveyed struggles and demands of various generations―adding new letters until the term has become virtually unpronounceable. Now, tensions with trans-exclusionary movements and alternative compositions, such as the acronym FLINTA*, makes us wonder if this proliferation rather sets and expands differences, and if it might put a brake on the creation of other solidarities. This “Improper Session” combines conversation and play in questioning identities and subverting the languages of the disciplinary institution.

Moderators: Ibai Gorriti

Participants: Daniel Gasol, Marikarmen Free

This activity is part of Sade, Improper Sessions

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