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The Barcelona Debate

Democratizing the Media, Saving Europe from Populism

Lecture by Julia Cagé



The media is experiencing an unprecedented crisis of both its credibility and its economic model, which has direct and severe consequences for the quality of democratic life. What is the relationship between this media crisis and the rise of populism and the far right? What are the alternatives?

The model proposed by young French economist Julia Cagé considers information to be, like health care and education, a public good which must allow us to debate the issues that determine our collective fate under appropriate conditions. If society expects the media to provide quality, independent information, isn’t it dangerous to trust the information industry in the hands of the market? Is a network of independent and reliable media that is not governed by monetary power possible? Is this aspiration an achievable utopia?

Presenters: Esther Vera

Participants: Julia Cagé

This activity is part of Old Europe, New Utopias, The Barcelona Debate

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